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Servicing the central Alberta region, Wolsey-Tech Inc is proud to bring the following services to businesses. Please request an quote to learn more about our services.

Website design is one of the main focuses of Wolsey-Tech Inc. Take your business to the next level with a major online presence

Lenovo, Dell, HP... If you have or need a server, Wolsey-Tech Inc is the place to go for sales, deployment and maintenance

Wired, wireless, VPN, LAN, WAN?? Confused? Let the experts at Wolsey-Tech Inc help you know which is best for your organization

Proactive maintenance can prevent serious data loss and company down time

In the event of a technical disaster, a quick call to Wolsey-Tech can help get you up and running sooner than you think

Specializing in business technical support, Wolsey-Tech Inc offers a wide variety of services for business solutions

Internet security, internal threats and end users are often the 3 main causes of security breaches in companies

Email setup and hosting are a big part of what businesses of any size require to stay in contact with the world

We pride ourselves on not only our great services, but our outstanding customer service as well


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