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Whether you are a small business with 3-10 employees or a medium size organization with 100 employees, a server will benefit your company. Benefits to a server include:
  • Centralized data storage
  • Secure access to company files
  • You control where the data is stored

Centralized Data Storage

Often times in small organizations, employees, even the boss, keeps documents on their Desktop, My Documents folder or in other random folders on their personal computers. If a computer crashes and the hard drive no longer works, most or all the data will be lost.

A server helps to store all your data in one location, allowing for centralized backups and data protection.

Roaming profiles make sure that folders, such as Desktop and My Documents, are syncronized with the server and in the event of a computer failure, a user only needs to login at a different workstation to access their files.

Secure access to company files

Every company has confidential documents that are marked for certain eyes only. With a few simple clicks, those files can be accessed across a network with ease.

A properly configured server allows access to the people who need it to fulfill their jobs. Managing user rights and access is a necessity in locking down confidential information.

You control where the data is stored

A popular service is being presented as an easy to use, secure method of storing information. It is called "The Cloud". The Cloud is setup as a worldwide service with the potential for data being stored over seas. Not all laws are the same when it comes to privacy policies and ownership of data. Be very careful when storing anything on the Cloud. You never know who has access to your files.

A local server gives you the peace of mind that your data isn't available to anyone on the internet.


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